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What Do the Experts Say? - European Parliament Meeting on the Health Impact of 5G, May 2021

The Panel for the Future of Science and Technology - Presentation of the studies: ‘Health impact of 5G’ met on 31st May 2021. The results from two STOA studies on the current understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment were presented.

Dr Fiorella Belpoggi concluded that there might be carcinogenic non-thermal effects for frequencies already in use for 2-4G as well as negative effects on development and reproduction. Further independent and transparent studies need to be conducted for frequencies above 6GHz (where 5G will be rolled out) to fully understand the impact.

Dr Arno Thielens highlighted the lack of established safety limits for birds, bees and trees. All of which would be greatly exposed to wireless radiation when 5G becomes more widely deployed.


For further videos go to the Environmental Health Trust

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