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Response to BLM Acknowledgment of Service

The following email was issued to Northampton Court of (In)Justice:


Dear Sir/Madam

I have received a copy of N244 Application notice from the Defendant in the above case and draw your attention to item 3 (page 1) and item 10 (page 2) subsections 8 & 10.

Can you please clarify for me that until a case management hearing has been held (these papers put before a judge) that I must await further communication from yourselves in the form of an order, as I do not wish to be in breach of any of the procedural rules.

Could I also draw the judge's attention to item 10 subsection 9 that I, the Claimant, wholly support and agree with this request being granted.

I also accept that the Particulars of Claim have not been furnished in full as the electronic system for making the initial claim does not facilitate this.

Gmail - URGENT Case No H4QZ70E9
Download PDF • 67KB

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