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ICNIRP - is there a conflict of interest?

Updated: May 14, 2021

A 98 page report entitled "The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest , corporate capture and the push for 5G" (19th June 2020) was commissioned, coordinated and published by two Members of the European Parliament – Michèle Rivasi and Klaus Buchner. The report was written by Hans van Scharen with editing by Erik Lamberand additional research support from Tomas Vanheste.

The conclusion of the report reads:

"That is the most important conclusion of this report: for really independent scientific advice we cannot rely on ICNIRP. The European Commission and national governments, from countries like Germany, should stop funding ICNIRP. It is high time that the European Commission creates a new, public and fully independent advisory council on non-ionizing radiation. The funds currently allocated to ICNIRP could be used to set up this new organisation. And given the overall rise in R&D funding via Horizon Europe, with a foreseen budget (for 2021-2027) of between 75 and 100 billion euros, funding should in no way constitute an insurmountable hurdle to setting up this new, truly independent, body."


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