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Email to Councillors re 5G mast on Park Inn

Updated: May 12, 2021

The following email has been sent to all the CYC Councillors that voted for the 5G Mast on the Park Inn hotel in the centre of York, despite the objections from 5G Awareness York, Cllr Rosie Baker and Denise Craghill.


Dear Councillor

An email was sent to you from 5G Awareness York about the above planning application for a 5G mast on Park Inn which you voted for. The email was sent on 18th February 2021. To date, we have not received a reply from any of the Councillors involved. Consequently, you are now given notice of a claim for redress amounting to £5,000 and ongoing compensatory claims.

I put to you the choice of two alternatives, and I am aware that other members of 5G Awareness York are writing to other Councillors on similar terms:

1. You give an undertaking and commitment to ensure that a working group is set up forthwith to report at the earliest reasonable opportunity to the full council about whether 5G EMF radiation is safe or not. The working group to be formed of informed persons that are acceptable to all parties. All planning applications relating to 5G installations are to be suspended until the working group reports its findings. The working group to advise on setting up an indemnity bond with the Telecommunication companies that are irradiating the residents of York with 5G pulsed frequencies. The bond will cover any claims of harm caused to York residents; or

2. You do nothing and don’t reply to this email, you will be served under the notice given above with a claim in the county court for redress of £5,000 and ongoing compensatory claims. You will be tried by a court de jure for the serious offence of abandoning your duty to the residents of the City of York while holding public office by approving a planning permission a) with an invalid ICNIRP certificate; b) no ecology report in breach of the planning regulations and c) without the planning balance being determined satisfactorily as some Councillors ruled this as out of order.

In addition, as York has declared itself a city of Human Rights, I also need to make to aware that you are in breach of Articles 1, Article 5 and Article 25 of the International Declaration of Human Rights and this action complies with Article 8.

The notice period expires 20 working days after the date this email. If we have not heard from you, by email or otherwise, by then, I will enter a claim in the small claims court.

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