How You Can Help

Suggested Actions:

1. Investigate 5G and its associated health risks. There are a few videos and research links on the 'Information' page of this website.

2. After researching 5G and EMF radiation and if you would like to take the issue further, please consider:

  • Spreading the message - talk to your friends and family and share your views and research on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Write to your City of York (CYC) Councillors. You can find out who they are by searching here. A template letter is shown below, which can also be used to send a letter via email or post. The main objective of the template letter is to put the council on notice, that if installation of 5G in the City of York results in increased cancer or other diseases, then they will have significant liability as there is no public liability insurance for 5G (eg Lloyds of London will not underwrite EMF risks)

3. Sign petitions - there are quite a few online:

4. Donate to 5G Awareness York - via Paypal

5. There is a new appeal headed by the famous QC, Michael Mansfield. Please support this legal challenge in what ever way you can. This has the greatest chance of confronting the 5G plan - Action Against 5G

6. Non-Consent letters - EM Radiation Trust has template Notices of Non-Consent at this link

Template letter:


Dear Councillor,


As a resident of the area governed by the City of York council, I write to you seeking clarity on a matter regarding the future provision of protection for the population and future generations of this, our lovely historic city, both within the ancient city walls and of the whole district covered by the administrative boundaries of City of York Council (CYC).

As the long term effects of using 5G technology, including the incorporation of weapons grade radio-active substances into the 5G equipment which will be deployed in public spaces are unknown, and given the fact that CYC will be accountable in law for the health & safety of the public exposed to these unknown risks, what liability insurances have been taken out by CYC at this time?

Please also furnish me with details of the underwriting in situ of any such liability insurance policies held by CYC.

Yours faithfully,

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Please also see the list of projects on this page


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