Action - taken by 5G Awareness York


1. Investigated 5G and its associated health risks. Created this website to present these publicly

2. Created a small group of activists to challenge the City of York Council to create a working group to study 5G EMF radiation and its potential risks to our health and the health of the environment. The working group will report back at the earliest reasonable opportunity to the full council on whether 5G EMF radiation is safe or not.

3. Created a leaflet campaign, articles in the local paper, a petition to the council and so on.

4. Attended two health and well being meetings of the council to make people aware of 5G and its dangers.

5. Attended a planning committee meeting for a 5G mast on Park Inn. A video of that part of the meeting that dealt with the application is shown below.

6. Wrote to Ian Floyd (Acting Chief executive of the Council) and the Councillors at the meeting by email.

7. Email sent to all CYC Councillors that voted for the 5G mast on the Park Inn hotel, putting them on notice of a claim for redress. The letter is included on this web page as a pdf file. Please also see this blog post

8. We are considering more actions.

Email to Councillors 16 March 2021

The email offers councilors two alternatives

- either set up a working group to study 5G EMF radiation and report to the full council on whether it is safe or not or

- do nothing. In which case the councilors will be served with a claim for redress.

Working Group to study 5G radiation

A working group to be set up forthwith to report at the earliest reasonable opportunity to the full council about whether 5G EMF radiation is safe or not. The working group to be formed of informed persons that are acceptable to all parties. All planning applications relating to 5G installations are to be suspended until the working group reports its findings. The working group to advise on setting up an indemnity bond with the Telecommunication companies that are irradiating the residents of York with 5G pulsed frequencies. The bond will cover any claims of harm caused to York residents as explained in the next paragraph.

The working group can receive expert witnesses and testimony.

It is proposed that it is formed of 7 members – 4 councillors and 2 expert witnesses plus a chairman.

Indemnity Bond
The City of York Council will require the Telecommunication companies that wish to operate a 5G network in the City of York to post an Indemnity Bond  of at least £100 million.

The Bond will be used to indemnify the residents of the City of York in the event that they suffer harm from 5G EMF radiation. This radiation is currently uninsurable. Consequently, it is imperative that the City of York Council receives an indemnity bond from all Telecommunication companies that are operating 5G networks in the City.

How You Can Help


Suggested Actions:

1. Investigate 5G and its associated health risks. There are a few videos and research links on the 'Information' page of this website.

2. After researching 5G and EMF radiation and if you would like to take the issue further, please consider:

  • Spreading the message - talk to your friends and family and share your views and research on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Write to your City of York (CYC) Councillors. You can find out who they are by searching here

3. Sign petitions - there are quite a few online:

4. Donate to 5G Awareness York - via Paypal

5. There is an appeal headed by the famous QC, Michael Mansfield. Please support this legal challenge in what ever way you can. This has the greatest chance of confronting the 5G plan - Action Against 5G

6. Non-Consent letters - EM Radiation Trust has template Notices of Non-Consent at this link

Fundrazr Campaign


Campaign to fund 5G awareness leaflets and this website.

Please contribute to support this campaign