5G Awareness York

    We are a York based unaffiliated group of committed individuals aiming to spread awareness about the potential effects of 5G on health, environment and privacy.


    Worldwide scientists and doctors have called for a moratorium on the implementation of 5G. Exposure from electromagnetic fields will greatly increase with 5G and these fields have already been proven to harm life. Medical conditions such as lowered fertility, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, major changes in brain structure, cellular DNA damage, oxidative stress, hormonal disruption and cancer have been scientifically noted by professionals as a result of exposure to the already existent 2G/3G/4G radiation.

    It is imperative that we halt the rollout of 5G in York, across the UK and the rest of the world until it has passed rigorous testing by independent scientific researchers.

    Historic Win - links from the Defender


    Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its historic case today against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a case challenging the agency’s decision not to review its 1996 health and safety guidelines regarding wireless-based technologies including 5G.

    Blog posts re legal claim re 5G in York.


    The main purpose of this website is to help people inform themselves about 5G and the risks to health - mental, physical and environmental. On the Information page there are numerous links to other websites that contain lots of information, videos and links to scientific papers and reports. 

    For those of you that do not have time to spend watching the videos, we have selected one video below that sums up the issue. This is a recording of a meeting of the US Senate in February 2019 with Senator Blumenthal where it was made clear that there is no testing being carried out on the biological effects of 5G and we are effectively "flying blind".


    Images below of the front and back of our 5G leaflets